Buying a Pug

Buying a New Pug Puppy


A puppy should not be sold until it is at least 8 weeks of age and has had its first vaccination from a veterinarian. A Certificate must be supplied to the new owner

A healthy pug will be very active, alert and outgoing. A sleepy, lethargic or shivering puppy may indicate a possible sickness.

A puppy’s eyes should be bright, wide and clear with no squinting, watering or film over the eyes.

Its gums should be pink—not pale or puffy,

Examine the puppy’s skin. There should not be any black dirt, indicating flea faeces. Scabs, sores or bald spots .

Ears should be clean.....brownish red dirt or wax that may indicate ear mite

A Pug puppy's coat should be clean and shiny


Pugs love to be near you, and will follow you from room to room, they will want to help you do whatever you are doing

The Pugs most famous behaviour is running around in crazed circles with ears back and tail tucked between their legs. Also known as the ‘Pug Run’.







Kathy Gill
 President / Show Secretary
The Pug Dog Club of NSW Inc

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Deb Cummings
The Pug Dog Club of NSW Inc

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Colleen Kirgan-Khoury
Vice President / PR Media / Pug Rescue / Welfare Co-ordinator

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