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Saturday 23rd May marked the end of our tenth Year as a specialist Club, we invited all who had supported us during this period to our tenth Birthday celebrated at Erskinville Town Hall.  We certainly did celebrate with a Bang! Our ladies social committee more than lived up to their reputation as caterers and a most exciting and enjoyable evening was provided for all who attended. Mr A.B. Driscoll who with his friend Mr P Mullholland can be thanked for the idea of forming our club then “The Pug Dog Club of Australia”, Mr Driscoll was then asked to cut the birthday cake.  His speech made while the ten lighted candles were burning was not only interesting and informative but also delivered in Mr Driscolls own delightive manner certainly provided the highlight of the evening.  For the benefit of our many country, interstate and overseas members and friends who were unable to attend I give a short resume of the speech.

Ladies and gentleman I do feel greatly honored to be called upon for this particular occasion. I deem it a great honor and it is really a pleasure to be here with you.  No doubt many of the newer members will be interested to know just how this club eventuated. The idea was just suggested by Peter Mullholland  and when we were at repiris Coffee shop after attending a meeting for the 4P’s Toy Club meeting.  Nothing came of the discussion until later at a dog show at Katoomba. We decided to make a definite move towards the formation of our Specialist club for pug breeders, as I was one of the eldest exhibitors at the time and I had in my possession a large number of catalogues, it was decided that I search through them and get the names and addresses of pug breeders and exhibitors and write to them, this I did requesting their attendance to a prelimery meeting to be held at my home. In response to my numerous invitations 19 people arrived on the afternoon of the 14th May 1949 and the meeting got right down to business. I was elected chairman for that afternoon only. We decided to hire a meeting room in the city and for this cash was required so this club commenced it existence with  three pounds when Mr Schwinke loaned us the money. I still have to receipt, the clubs first official meeting was held at Federation House on the 23rd  May 1949.


The rent being 12/6 officers were elected and a constitution adopted, we applied for affiliation to the Kennel Club and on the 3rd December that year we held our first Pug Specialist show. Mr H Croucher accepted the position of judge while our RASKC Rep was Mr F Erickson. I would like to say something about friendship. Mr Fred Erickson and myself were best of friends but not on show days. We travelled on the same trains to shows, he on one side of the carriage and myself on the other. On arrival Fred on one side of the footpath and myself on the other side but when the show was over we shook hands and travelled home together and the same would happen the next week. In conclusion I would like to congratulate the secretary for the admirable manner in which he is conducting the club.  I am convinced that while such spirit of harmony, friendship and complete unity prevails the club will continue to expand and we will always have our specialist club. Thank you ladies and gentleman, it now gives me great pleasure to cut this cake marking the clubs tenth anniversary. Later in response to a request Mr Driscoll recalled the names of who were at the first meeting, Mr & Mrs Collyer (snr) & Jnr, Mr & Mrs Schwinke, Mrs Driscoll (snr), Miss Haydon, Mr Leary, Mr Bell, Mr & Mrs Mullholland (Jnr), Mrs Mullholland & snr, Mrs Chew, Mrs Haywood, Ms Hams, Mr Spilland and A B Driscoll. There were many English imports being show CH Hopeworth Bonnernan was still in quarantine, Ch Phil of Myondo was in transit over from the UK. Ch Black Loki Longlands just a new arrival from the UK. History of the 10th Anniversary by Mrs Jean leer (A member for 58 years)

The office Bearers for 1959 were.

President: Mr Bob Erickson Jnr of Erskinville , Secretary: Mr Daniel Duncum, Treasurer: Mrs Mavis Whight of Abbotsford, Publicity Officer: Mrs Jean Leer of Queenscliff.

The first section of this copy was written in 1959 by our publicity officer then Mr Driscoll who was invited to cut our cake and his speech on the formation of our club was printed in our clubs Pug News 1959 Edition.  It is clubs property and is not to be copied other than club publications.



Written by the Late Mrs Jean Leer


In 2023 a new Logo was created for the Club
Utilising the Pugs of the Original Logo
Colour and Shape Format was Upgraded to what is now the New Logo











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