Honor Roll BIS Winners

Honor Roll
Best in Show Winners

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Oct 1975
Bellridge Bobby Mcgee
Owned By:J Davis
Apr 1977
Ch Gilgai Tara
Owned By:E Stringer
March 1978
Ch Teng Wah Samurai
Owned By: Mr Peter Tomlinson
Oct 1978 / Oct 1979 /Oct 1980
Ch Leelong Audacity
Owned by J Longley
Apr & Oct 1991
Ch Sabmara Wung Li
Owned by J Davis
Apr 1993
Ch Gilgai Makaha
Owned By F Way
Birsay Glitterpug
Owned By L McRae
Oct 1994
Ch Lowcot Neville
Owned by N Mulligan
Apr 1996
Chermarno Lord Maxwell
Owned by J Mathews
Oct 1996
Ch Lochiang Beau Jangles
Owned by R & J Dunn
Mar 1997
Ch Fareastern He Chu Chen
Owned by K & K Cannon
Apr 1999
Gilgai Little Rebel
Owned by Gilgai Kennels
Oct 1999
Ch Lowcot Yogi Bear
Owned by K & K Cannon
Apr 2000 Am/Aust Ch Albelarm Legal Eagle (USA)
Owned by J Gotch
Apr 2001& Apr 2004 Ch Chenmke Ujeanie
Owned by J & H Markey
Oct 2001 Gr Ch Kangala Mister Mandella
Owned by K & K Cannon
Oct 2002 Ch Troycole Law N Order
owned by R & J Dunn
Oct 2003 Ch Troycole Mr Pinkerton
owned by R & J Dunn
Mar 2005 & Oct 2008 GrandCh Hoomee American Advocate
Owned by H & J Jarvisto
Apr 2007 Ch Birsay Amber Jane
Owned By G & E Mcrae
Oct 2005 Ch Sabmara Onyx
Owned by P Gifford
Apr 2006 & Apr 2008 Ch Gilgai Dudley
Owned By C Kirgan Khoury
Oct 2008 Gr Ch Glomar Rockabilly Rebel
Owned By R & J Dunn
Apr 2009 Birsay Pocket Rocket
Owned By S Langford & G&E McRae
Oct 2009 / 2010 / 2015 Grand Ch Quom Kit N Kaboodle
Owned By S King
Apr 2010 Birsay Black Attitude
Owned By S Langford & G&E McRae
Apr 2011 Gr Ch NZ Ch Sweetess Ice Crystal
Owned By K De Freitas
Apr 2012 Ch Kabova Little Miss Busy
Owned By J Williams
Oct 2012 Troycole Nice Surprise
Owned By C Craig / R & J Dunn
Apr 2013 Am Ch/Ch Capers Snap to it (IMP USA)
Owned By E Joseph
Apr 2014 Ch Quom Flirt in a Skirt
Owned By S King
Oct 2014 CAN CH & CH Roses Sharp Dressed Man (IMP CAN)
Owned By J Williams
Apr 2015 Ch Pandanlamo Roly Pudin n Pie
Owned By L Mcrae
Apr 2016 Ch Troycole Where’s the Sauce
Owned C Craig
Oct 2016 & 2017 Ch Clarevale Ermine Tiara
Owned By J Gotch
Oct 2017 Sup Ch Troycole The Last Samuari
Owned ByL Johnson & J Dunn
Apr 2018 Kryptonic Knock OutOwned By K Ryan
Oct 2018 Quom Tux or Tails
Owned By S West
owner K Defreitas




Kathy Gill
 President / Show Secretary
The Pug Dog Club of NSW Inc

Email:[email protected]

Candice Craig
Secretary / Trophy Steward
The Pug Dog Club of NSW Inc

Email: [email protected]

Colleen Kirgan-Khoury
Vice President / PR Media / Pug Rescue / Welfare Co-ordinator

[email protected]



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