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Rescue & Welfare

Colleen Kirgan-Khoury

One of our Success Stories

Harley came to us after he injured his only good eye!

Colleen took him in straight away and organised his operations, rehabilitation which included walking on a lead and being around otehr dogs , humans etc .
This was a major ordeal for a little pug who no longer had any sight.
Once his confidence grew Colleen organised his new  forever home.

As you can see by the photos from the day he came to us to the day he went to his new home
he hasnt looked back and within 1/2 hr of being in his new home he was making himself
very comfy on the ottoman
(which he jumped up on by himself to the amazement of both Colleen and his new family)

click on the photos to enlarge

Harley when he arrived in Rescue
Harley after his operation
Harley and his new friend Elsie
Harley and his special jacket



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Kathy Gill
 President / Show Secretary
The Pug Dog Club of NSW Inc

Email: [email protected]

Colleen Kirgan-Khoury
Vice President / PR Media / Pug Rescue / Welfare Co-ordinator
Email: [email protected]

Deb Cummings
The Pug Dog Club of NSW Inc

Email: [email protected]

Alaina Walters
The Pug Dog Club of NSW Inc

Email: [email protected]


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